RID Hears From Water Board on Humboldt Creek Dam Proposal

The Shelter Cove Resort Improvement District (RID) Board of Directors heard an update on their application to dam Humboldt Creek and discussed new fees for using the Community Clubhouse at their March 17 meeting.

A quorum was present for the meeting, with board members Jac Hargrave and Michael Caldwell absent. Twenty members of the public attended.

In his general manager’s report, Philip Young reported he had received a response from the California State Water Resources Control Board to the district’s application to appropriate water from Humboldt Creek.

“They said, ‘Your application is deficient,’” Young told the board. “There were some errors in that so we’re addressing that. They also say now we have to explain the exception, or what it is called officially is a site-specific exception, which I have already done with that initial letter, so the cart was before the horse. So now I need to resubmit the letter.” Young explained he would need to reformat the letter so it addressed the Water Board’s four key concerns.

“So we’ll work on that,” he added.

The letter from the Water Board noted that the application was subject to rejection because it proposed the construction of an onstream dam on a Class 1 stream and would require a case-by-case exception. The letter also noted that the district’s water right application stated the water would be used for domestic use only, but also provided information to justify municipal use, and fish and wildlife preservation and enhancement use, and asked for clarification of the intended use of the water that would be diverted. The letter included some other directions about the application process.

The agenda item that generated the most public discussion was the 2016 community clubhouse calendar of recreation events.

In December the board had approved the January and February community clubhouse calendar. The rest of the year’s calendar was brought for board consideration since a new fee schedule had been adopted last month.

Board chair Susan Fox discussed the fee schedule. “To make it simple, the things like the crafting and quilting, cribbage, the free exercise class on Friday and bridge every Monday, those should remain fee-exempt. They’re not a large group of folks, they’re not asking for money, they’re not asking for donations.”

The board had decided to charge 15 percent of the fees charged per class for classes that were not free and updated the fee schedule for events at the clubhouse. Several people in the audience questioned the fees for particular events and classes. Fox pointed out that Shelter Cove Arts and Recreation Foundation (SCARF) and the Shelter Cove Pioneers, or other organizations, could come to the board and ask for fee waivers for particular events. She said that a percentage of fees for classes that charge was determined to be more fair and equitable than charging a flat rate. Fox pointed out that the teachers of the classes had come to previous meetings and participated in the discussions. The board clarified that activities for children at the clubhouse would be free.

The board appointed a committee to create a disaster preparedness document to enlarge on the district’s business continuity plan. The committee planned to work with the Volunteer Fire Department’s emergency plan as the starting point for the RID document.

The board reviewed the year-end financial statements for 2014-2015 that had been prepared by accountant Keith Borges. Board member Dave Sommer had a question about a statement in the narrative that he will look into, but the board approved the financial report since the area of Sommer’s concern did not appear to them to significantly impact the overall report.

There were two items on the agenda for the closed-session portion of the meeting, conference with labor negotiators, and conference with legal counsel regarding existing litigation. It was reported after the meeting that direction was given but no actions were taken in closed session.