SHCHD: ‘Huge Need’ for Employee Housing

The Southern Humboldt Community Healthcare District board of directors held a special meeting on Friday, June 10, for a closed-session conference regarding two adjoining properties in Redway. 

Prior to the closed session there was an agenda item for public discussion regarding employee housing needs and directing administration to pursue housing options. District human resources director Hunter Tucker reported that employee housing was needed.

“It’s a huge need right now,” Tucker said, “and I’m hoping we’re able to kind of acquire more rental properties just so that we can kind of coerce people into moving to the area so that way we can get more employees living locally, staying locally, keeping money locally, and using our local economy.”

Board president Barbara Truitt suggested that the district would like to entice people to come and stay.

Tucker pointed out the district needed lab employees and had lost a qualified couple because they wanted their own house and there were none readily available.

She recommended that the district acquire more housing and said it would make a difference in being able to staff the facilities adequately.

The board discussed housing availability briefly before they went into closed session for a conference regarding two adjoining properties with houses located in Redway. Board president Barbara Truitt reported after the meeting that chief executive office Matt Rees, district chief financial officer Paul Eves, and district operations manager Kent Scown were appointed to a committee to further explore the potential for the district to purchase the two parcels in Redway.

The Redway parcels being discussed in closed session were assessor’s parcel number 077-171-015 on Cedar Lane for $475,000; and 077-171-016 on Willow for $575,000.